Math Anxiety Is Real!

Math Anxiety can strike at any time. Listen to a teacher’s story of how she personally coped with math anxiety. Find resources for helping students through it.… Read More Math Anxiety Is Real!


Instructional Design & Technology: Separate or Integrated?

This essay is based on examining an historical debate between Richard Clark and Richard Kozma about Instructional Design and Technology using the articles, Clark (1994) and Kozma (1994). While I respect Clark’s body of research, I agree with Kozma. We must be forward thinking in our research and design. Media will be indispensable to learning… Read More Instructional Design & Technology: Separate or Integrated?

Google Forms Fosters Inquiry Based Teaching

This survey was submitted to a group of ten teachers at one of the school sites that I work with as an instructional math coach. As part of my graduate capstone project, we will be starting an instructional observation strategy called Instructional Rounds. Instructional Rounds is a process whereby teachers observe other classrooms in order… Read More Google Forms Fosters Inquiry Based Teaching


SUSIE REILLY Interested in utilizing reflective practices to refine my instructional math coaching and learning with my teachers and students. I will endeavor to focus on coaxing out teacher & student voices and encourage ownership of their education. We will engage in our maker world by applying design thinking principles and mathematical practices to project based learning through math… Read More About