Teacher As Learner

This reflection was a requirement for a class I took about instructional design and technology. As I started writing, the real lesson of the course became apparent. Read below to find out more.


This class has been very rewarding for me personally. The coursework has been very challenging. Going in, I had much to learn about the type of technology application that would be required. From that standpoint, I am thankful that this class was offered as part of the MIST program.  Now I have confidence that I will figure it out and be able to make a solution work. This seems like a very valuable life lesson for me as it would be for anybody in a similar situation.

To be truthful, at the beginning I had zero experience with most of the tech tools we used besides Moodle and Google apps. As I reflect back, I am very proud of my eportfolio projects because I struggled and toiled and created them myself. I am not seeking perfection and I know that for my design skills to be taken seriously, I will need to upgrade my deliverables to industry standard.

The value of this experience is not in creating perfection. The value for me is in the learning, the creating, the stretching of my brain and my skills. At times I thought I would drop out of this course and this program. Many times I asked myself, “Is this really worth doing?” At first, I didn’t really know.

Now that the end is here, the answer is “YES”! It is a worthy pursuit because through this class, I learned what it is like to struggle as a learner. As an elementary teacher at a public school where most of the students struggle to learn, this has been the most valuable insight into my job that I have learned in a very long time. I am grateful for this experience. The link to my eportfolio is here: sreillysportfolio.weebly.com

Thank you for visiting.


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